Coffee Pouch Autumn Adventure

Autumn Adventure with the Sami Double Coffee Pouch

The start of autumn always feels special. The crisp air, leaves changing colour, mornings with heavy mists, and loads of coffee and tea to stay warm. Autor John Howard Bryant called autumn “...the year's last, loveliest smile." for very good reasons! We want to take you along on a morning for our autumn overnighter.

Packing the essentials

On this trip we packed light. Bringing with us a Polish lavvu and our packs containing things like, our kuksas and our waxed canvas sami coffee pouch. This particular model, has one main compartment, perfect to hold enough coffee for a couple of days, and a smaller compartment in the front. This smaller one can be used to hold tea bags, or even sugar and creamer if you please.

Autumn Morning

The night was crisp, so we were happy that we brought warm wool clothes and blankets with us. With the first pale morning light we went out to boil some water. A hot beverage is such a treat when you are spending time outdoors! Fresh coffee for him and hot elder flower tea for her. The Polish lavvu was the perfect little shelter to wait for the warmth of the autumn sun, with hot coffee and tea in our hands.

After enjoying our hot drinks, we packed up our gear and enjoyed a hike back home. The weather was lovely, warm but with a soft cool wind. The leaves slowly but surely changing colour, mushrooms and nuts appearing everywhere! It feels so good to be outside with good company and gear, even when it is just for a little while.

Sami Double Coffee Pouch

The coffee pouch is handmade after a redesign of a traditional pouch used by the Sami of Scandinavia. Made out of waxed canvas with a leather cord, finished off with a wooden bead. The size is perfect to store for coffee and tea for up to a week. So far, we are really enjoying the beautiful canvas pouch. And it will definitely accompany us on future trips!

This blog post is part of a collaboration between Journeyman Handcraft and Running With Sheep. Running With Sheep is a blog by Sanne and Johan, two nature lovers who found each other in the woods. Drinking coffee (he) and tea (she) under the trees and sleeping under the stars. Writing about gear, DIY projects and sustainable living. Sharing our outdoor adventures on our blog and Instagram.