Swedish Wilderness

Canvas Pot Pouch

There is nothing we enjoy more than getting outdoors ourselves here at Journeyman Handcrafts. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the time to prioritise adventures when we are running at 'full-steam-ahead' mode here in the workshop, but we know it's important to down tools from time-to-time and head outside and enjoy our products in their natural environment.

So we decided to pack up and head out to the Swedish wilderness - Värmland to be more specific. We have visited Sweden several times now, and this part of the beautiful country didn't disappoint. We spent four days wilderness camping and canoeing through the lake and river systems, whilst enjoying the hammock life along the way. We then spent four days in a traditional log cabin, which we used as a base for wild swimming, mountain biking and hiking.

It was a fantastic and jam-packed experience, where we also took the opportunity to test out as many of our products as possible...

Foragers Dump Pouch

We made use of a wide range of our products whilst on our trip, and here we've featured a snapshot of how we used just a few of our favourite items. The Canvas Pot Pouch was great for storing our billycan for cooking, and also kept the soot from the fire away from the inside of our packs. We then used the Foragers Dump Pouch for collecting chaga and pine needles, which we then brewed up to make rejuvenating and nutritional tea. Then finally we used the Sami Coffee Pouch for storing our ground coffee, to make our very own 'cowboy' coffees over the campfire – which is perhaps less nutritional but definitely essential!

Sami Coffee Pouch

We love seeing our products being used for what they're designed for - so if you have any of your own photographs of our products that you'd like to show off, then please send them over to us at journeymanhandcraft@gmail.com. We would love to see them and maybe even feature them on our blog, website or social media!