Journeyman Leather Belt

Journeyman Leather Belt

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Here we have our traditional English leather belt, made to be strong and durable to last you many years. It has a very simple design (as do all of our products) because simplicity just works!



It’s built with a premium 1.8mm veg tan leather sourced from a local leather tannery. Sewn with a premium 0.8m strong braided Tiger Thread, which is water and rot resistant which is essential for outdoor life, and it comes in a variety of colours. We hand dye our leather products so we can provide a variety of different colours, if the colour you want is not available just ask and we’ll be able to get it for you!


When ordering please let us know the measurements of your current belt from the diagram above, as this will give me a true guide to the size of belt required. Note: please don’t give me your average waist measurement.


We also offer custom orders, unique just for you - click here to enquire.