Journeyman Bushcraft Journal

Journeyman Bushcraft Journal

Here we have the Journeyman Bushcraft Journal. For many years I have practised the art of bushcraft and I find journaling a great way of learning and helping to retain all of the knowledge that I take in. However, I’ve always struggled with the journals I’ve used, as I’ve tried so many over the years and they were never quite right.


I realised what was needed was a notepad that was small enough to be carried in my pack so I can document my findings, helping to learn on the move. It also needed to be big enough to contain all of the information that I needed along with photos etc. After having several different journals with bound spines and movable compartments, I realised what was really needed was a binder. I needed to be able to move pages around to organise what I’d learnt. 


So the Journeyman Bushcraft Journal was born! It’s a simple design as with everything we do, but no less thought has gone into it. The paper size is unique, slightly narrower than A5 as I found A5 to be too wide. This size enables the paper to be just big enough while still making the entire journal small enough to be travelling size. It has a strap which keeps it closed while on the move and there is also a pen loop which will fit a variety of different sized pens. 

It’s built with a premium 1.8mm veg tan leather sourced from a local leather tannery. Sewn with a premium 0.8m strong braided Tiger Thread, which is water and rot resistant which is essential for outdoor life, and it comes in a variety of colours. We hand dye our leather products so we can provide a variety of different colours, if the colour you want is not available just ask and we’ll be able to get it for you! 

The journal comes with 100 pages of premium quality beige paper, 50 lined for writing and 50 plain for scribbles and sketches. The journal does come full with paper but more can be purchased from us or you can use A5 paper and cut it down to size yourself.


Your journal is totally customisable at an additional cost please contact us for details.
•    Stamping is available to add an artistic flow around the edges.
•    Larger iconic stamps are available for the front cover.
•    Tooling, if you have a specific design in mind we can carve this by hand.
•    More unique leathers are available for a really special look.


The hides we use show the natural marks of the animals’ life, which makes your product unique and no two journals are the same.


We also offer custom orders, unique just for you

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