Journey Utility Gloves

Journey Utility Gloves

Here at Journeyman we've been using gloves outdoors for years and they are an essential piece of our kit, however, we've always felt that there were a few important features missing from a standard pair of leather gloves.

So we've created our very own bespoke designed gloves with the help of the Howl Bushcraft Team, which have been adapted to perfectly suit bushcraft and the outdoors.

Made from a supple veg tanned goat leather and lined in wool, the gloves are equally strong and comfortable to wear.

These features include:-

Wool insulation, a natural material which will keep you warm in winter but also provide protection from the heat of the fire.

- The brass eyelet allows you to clip them onto your belt or rucksack for easy access.

- The extra leather reinforcement on the palm adds extra protection to the glove when removing hot pans from the fire.

- The index and small fingerr have reinforcment in the one area that gets the most wear, meaning you won't be seeing a hole there any time soon.

Care and Maintainenance - It's when really hot pots touch the soft calf leather that your gloves are at risk, so we recommend you regularly wax your gloves with our leather balm to keep them supple and stop them drying out.You want to be able to use your gloves to remove hot pots from the fire right? It's just practical, that's why we added the reinforcements. So try and use the reinforced areas when touching hot pots.