Frying Pan/ Skillet Pouch

Frying Pan/ Skillet Pouch

Here we have our canvas pouch to store your frying pan or skillet whilst travelling. It’s designed to keep the charcoal from the camp fire that sticks to the outside of your pot away from your pack to keep it clean. It delivers all of this whilst still keeping that authentic look.


It’s designed with a zip running all the way around so you are able to open the pouch cleanly like a book, making access to your pan very easy!


Designed with 16oz cotton canvas, this pouch is made to last and will endure many years of hard use. It’s double stitched with a very strong bonded nylon thread which is water and rot resistant. Finished with veg tan drawstrings for longevity and wooden toggles to make fastening easy.


Pouches can be made to fit any size frying pan up to 25cm diameter, anything larger will be classed as a custom order and the price will change. Our custom orders are unique just for you - click here to enquire.