Campfire Coffee Bags

Campfire Coffee Bags

For a long time now we have wanted to to be able to supply a good quality coffee to go along with our iconic coffee pouches, so we were very pleased when we had the opportunity to stock Campfire Coffee Co's wonderful blend! We've peronally drunk far too much of this in recent weeks so trust us its good!

This is our signature blend Italian Roast coffee, provided in 10 x 8g Bioweb bags. Coffee bags are quick to open and brew with no need for any additional equipment or knowledge, it's as simple as placing a bag in a cup and brewing much like you would with a tea bag. Stir, squeeze, brew and then enjoy!


The coffee bag membrane is 100% Compostable and will fully disintegrate in a suitable warm damp environment in approximately 3 months.


Tasting Notes:


A rich, smooth, full-roasted blend, full-bodied with a liquorice sweetness. Strength 4/5