July 29, 2018

There is nothing we enjoy more than getting outdoors ourselves here at Journeyman Handcrafts. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the time to prioritise adventures when we are running at 'full-steam-ahead' mode here in the workshop, but we know it's important to down...

July 24, 2018

Introducing the Bucksaw and Axe Carry Case...

It features an old design which we have simplified slightly for ease of use. The centre pouch is long enough to hold a 21" bucksaw (when built). Inside the pouch, there is a sleeve so a blade can be carried safely.Carry all...

July 22, 2018

So not long ago a friend and loyal customer of ours Robert (I'm sure he won't mind me mentioning is name) came to us with a special request to design and make a Messenger Bag with some specific modification. We ended up liking it so much it's now part of our permanent...

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